Expatriate Life

Expatrium Magazine
Expatrium, Ltd.
Helsinki, Finland

Issue 6 - 2003
(pg. 46 - 50)

Learning at Home
The quality of education can vary widely from posting to posting and, in order to keep their child's education up to the standard of their home country, some expatriate parents turn to homeschooling. Rebecca Ponton finds out what is involved when parents become teachers.

Issue 5 - 2002
(pg.53 - 55)

Help! It's an Emergency
You're taking your health into your own hands when you move to a foreign country. Don't wait until there is an emergency before you investigare the local health care system, cautions Rebecca Ponton.

Issue 4 - 2002
(pg. 48 - 51)

Help Wanted
In many overseas locations, one of the perks of expatriate life is the availability of domestic help. Rebecca Ponton reveals the pros and the cons.

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